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Monday, September 27, 2010

Wonder why?


okay, today post i want  to write it in English...

Alhamdulillah.. yesterday activities is a total success because everyone doing their part well..
and i would like to give a very great appreciation to those who are
supporting and helping the committee...
Every Successful project come with a sacrifice.. 
My friends and i here almost sacrifice everything...
and then, i started to think... is anyone ever appreciate our sacrifice?

So, yesterday and another yesterday.. last month... last semester..
i have doing my greatest job... fulfilling the people want..
but, when i doing what are they wanted are they understand?
what have i have been through, my friends and others?
did they?

I write this post, with a great disappointment.. because when i realise it,
i'm not living my life.. and i know why...
i'm really thankful to Allah. I really "syukur" to Allah..
because give a test, and it is very great test that i have to face...

i will continue to write it later.. because i have to to the class..

To be Continue............................

My BloG PicTure!

My BloG PicTure!