People Change, Time's Change, And it Will Always Keep Changing.. As the fact, Every Living Things In This Earth Change.. It's Nature!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finally Release!


Last post i have write that the post "will be continue.." but i doesn't want to continue write that post. this is because i remember to let go all the things that happen..

Today, i finally release from the mega project.. it was very challenged week and testing my physical and mental..
The Project of 1 Fiesta is a success, even though the last day of the week were have some trouble like the cancel of some activities and the tragedy of the stage at the field were collapsed.
I'm really grateful to Allah SWT because there no one were harm during the incident but that was the tragedy that i wont forget.

i remember when my friend said " A bitter memory come with a sweet memory".. where he means that, even though you having problem but at the same time you also having a good time with a sprinkle on it. So, i still stick with my friend said.

If u see my quote that is my principle at the bottom of the blog,
 People Change, Time's Change, And it Will Always Keep Changing.. As the fact, Every Living Things In This Earth Change.. It's Nature!!

i got this when i see the world when i traveling with my father.. Then, i learn that everyone is going to change and i also feel the change inside myself that I'm fill with my knowledge and skill during the project was held. It was the knowledgeable one but it come with the sacrifice of your time.. It is hard but i must through it.

So, other than that.. I am really grateful to Allah because i was support by a person, a really great person, a motivation for me within myself but that person will be far away from me, and about million miles away from me. I was read a book of Seven Woman are honorable and disgraceful in Al-Quran. There is a quote
Every great man and successful lies a great woman behind him supporting

That great woman defines to her, and she is the one are supporting me when I'm down. Really thanks to her and i really wish can see her again but, i will definitely will MISS the MOON and STARS.. I mean it, i will miss her definitely..
So, to the great woman.. i give you the Moon that i will be looking at the sky of the night when i miss you..

So, that is the picture of Moon & Star.. i could only give the picture to you because Allah is own the moon & star..

Only for today post... i just wanted to say that... I'll be waiting for you.. And That is my promise.. If you miss someone just look at the moon ok.. my spirit will be there for you.. =) Good Luck & All The Best!!

My BloG PicTure!

My BloG PicTure!